For the Mahogany Casement Windows and for the Mahogany Wood French Doors Bellini Mastercraft has created the most beautiful selection of Cremone Bolts for French doors. The Traditional Cremone Bolt springs from an era of absolute respect for perfect design, secure closure and functionality strength. Manufactured with Forged wrought iron, Stainless Steel or Bronze, the Bellini Mastercraft Cremone Bolts will fit the specific aesthetic requirements of the French Doors and Windows. door hardware in fort lauderdale 2 Traditional Cremone Bolts open from inside the double French Doors and the Double Casement Windows. If the requirement is to allow for the French Doors to have a locking mechanism and access from the exterior then the combination of the Cremone Bolt Fitted in the inactive leaf and a Matching design of a Bellini Mastercraft Handel will allow for a thumb turn and a key bolt as well as levers in the active leaf. The combination and functionality of the Handle in the active leaf and the Cremone Bolt in the inactive leaf is a celebration of good taste. The Impact rated windows and French doors are fitted with Cremone Bolts where the handle operates a hidden 2-point locking mechanism. In this case the bars of the Cremone Bolts are fixed. The Hidden Locking Mechanism is manufactured with stainless steel and is visually nonobstructive. Classical, Contemporary and Traditional designs with Levers or egg-shaped handles allow for a strong selection of choices from the Bellini Mastercraft Cremone Bolts. The Cremone Bolts are powder painted satin black or plated to the exact sheen required, The size of the Bar is custom manufactured as are the holders in the ends and the middle guides. Master Craftsmanship and professional Metal Mechanics create Cremone Bolts that will enhance the Mahogany French doors and the Casement Windows manufactured in the Bellini Mastercraft factory. Our friendly and knowledgeable team both in the factory and in our showrooms will assist your selection of the perfect matching composition in the Cremone Bolt hardware for the Doors and Windows. Please browse our Cremone Bolts


Bellini Mastercraft has designed and manufactures the most unique selections of Hardware to fit The Classical or Contemporary Wood French Doors, Exterior Doors and Windows.The Handles for the exterior doors have been conceived with the design and composition of the Mahogany wood exterior door or Windows that it will enhance; The Locking hardware is a multibolt security system that is engaged by the handles. This system allows to have if desired Pulls in the exterior as the Key operates the latch as well. The opulent or contemporary Pulls where designed also to fit the specific Entry door. For this reason, each pull has the name of the customer that it was first designed for. The Pulls are manufactured with machined or forged Iron, machined out of Stainless steel, solid brass or wood with several combinations. At Bellini Mastercraft, when we designed the door, we also conceived of the exact matching hardware. Since some of the Exterior Mahogany Custom Doors where 3 ½” thick or oversized, or inspired by doors of many centuries past, the hardware that fit these doors did not exist. At least not in this century. Therefore, we became the spear head of the design and manufacturing of the hardware. At Bellini Mastercraft we are committed to manufacturing the very best and most beautiful doors, windows and matching hardware in the market and satisfaction in the relationship with our customers. Behind our administration and sells group there is a most unique and professional team of carpenters, hand carvers, machinists, metal forgers, metal mechanics, kiln dry mechanics and supervisors whom all believe in the quest of making your dream door come true. Striving to create wonderful new designs of Classical and contemporary Mahogany Exterior Doors and breaking the mold of design in hardware, Bellini Mastercraft is committed to excellence in customer service, exactness in manufacturing.

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