Doors are a core, mechanical piece to the function of our homes. Many of us understand this subconsciously but don’t necessarily put in any effort to care for them. Much like the inner workings of our cars, the parts of our homes also need maintenance. At Bellini Mastercraft, we’ve seen doors for home go uncared for all too often across the United States. Even high quality doors, like solid wood interior doors, can sometimes be neglected. This shortens the lifespan of your doors and can lead you to replace them much sooner than if you were to care for them. We’d like to take a moment to share how to maintain the doors of your home so that you can retain your doors for as long as possible.


How to Maintain Solid Wood Interior Doors

Keeping your doors in top condition while also looking great is something that doesn’t require too much effort. It’s all about understanding the simple steps needed to ensure the quality of your doors isn’t in jeopardy. Here’s what we recommend:

  • Polish your doors with oil – Weekly
    • For this job, you’ll want real oil wood polish. Using a cloth rag, not a paper towel, gently clean both sides of all your interior doors. The cloth rag will go deeper into the grain of the wood than a paper towel will, and the polish will help keep your doors looking beautiful. Perform this task once a week.
  • Clean your doors with soap – Monthly
    • Once a month you can use a wood soap with a cloth rag to scrub down both sides of your interior doors. It’s a great idea to do this on the same day that you intend to polish your doors, but do the soap scrubbing first. The Oil will only go so far with cleaning your doors. A monthly scrub will help remove any dirt and grim left behind by your weekly polishing.
  • Clean the hard-to-reach parts – Yearly
    • While this task is larger, it’s very important. Take each interior door off its hinges and use oil and soap to clean the parts you normally neglect, such as underneath your door. You can also use this time to remove and polish the doorknobs which can help keep them from sticking. If you have a lot of doors in your home, you may consider staggering this process across a few days.
  • Clean the hinges and hinge pins – Yearly
    • This step goes along with the last one. Before returning your doors to their hinges, after you’ve cleaned them thoroughly, you’ll want to clean the hinges and hinge pins. Quickly oil them with a product like WD-40, and you’ll never need to worry about creaking, squeaking, or sticking.


Contact Us for Doors for Home

We at Bellini Mastercraft have experience selling doors and educating our clients with proper care for solid wood interior doors across the United States. Now that you understand the steps that go into properly caring for your doors, you may be on the lookout for wood care products, or perhaps you’re in need of replacing your current doors. In either case, contact us today for all your doors for home needs. We can help supply you with all the tools you’ll need to care for your interior doors or set you high with high-quality new ones.