The Balcony wood doors is a French Traditional glass door. The design of these doors carries very slim rails and usually, the Balcony has a small panel in the bottom. The Balcony door is designed to be placed in a small balcony that allows to open the doors either inward or out but does not have any hardware in the exterior since the small balcony does not require opening from the exterior. Thus, the balcony door is like a large casement window. It is to be operated only from the inside of the room.

The Traditional French design Balcony doors are engaged by Cremone Bolts in both leaves. The Cremone Bolts are surface mounted bars that are held by Bar holders top bottom and in the middle top. The handles of these Cremone Bolts can be Traditional, Contemporary or Classical. These allow it to open from the interior but not from the exterior. There would be no need to have Cremone Bolts in the exterior since the Balcony is small.

At the Metal Mechanic shop of Bellini we have designed a rich selection of Cremone Bolts that spring from the Classical European or the opulent Argentinian Cremone Bolts. Manufactured in Stainless steel. Solid Brass or wrought Iron these unique French Traditional hardware units enhances and brings elegance and Beauty to the Traditional French Balcony doors.

True divided Glass or superimposed muntin on impact or insulated glass carry bars that are thin and stylized that divide the glass of the Balcony door. The French traditional design is composed of Horizontal glass beets that allow for 3 divisions per door leaf, while the Classical Balcony door has multiple lights.

The Balcony Door is found in the traditional homes and Hotels in the Southern cities of Charleston or Savannah. The architectural composition of these doors is a direct influence from the European French traditional homes. The Balcony French Traditional double doors can be found all over France.

Fitted with laminated impact, insulated or tempered glass and designed with a composition of slim elegant rails and simple yet powerful hardware, the composition of the Balcony French Doors are dressed with Bellini Mastercraft unique casings, the Mahogany Balcony traditional French Doors are manufactured with exactness and excellence in fine carpentry.

French Doors & Hinged Patio Doors. Designed to open into a room or out onto a patio, these doors make a dramatic statement and add great ventilation. The French door styling goes well with any home style.

Since 1992 Bellini has committed to fine carpentry that allows for superior doors and windows.

Bellini designs and manufactures Balcony French Doors and true Traditional French Casement windows in a synergy between our design team and the architect or homeowner. Often, we spend time exploring the desires of the homeowner for a unique design. Catering to the exact vision required for the Custom Doors and windows has been the ultimate quest for the Bellini Mastercraft Team.

The town of Palm Beach springs from the traditional constructions of the 1930s. Often the stores and homes in this exclusive and opulent city have in the architecture the traditional French Balcony doors.  At Bellini, we have engineered our approved Hurricane doors to be accepted by the architectural Board of Town Palm Beach. In Miami Beach Surf Club, a unique Oceanfront exclusive landmark Bellini has duplicated the existing Vintage French doors and replaced them with Bellini Impact approved Doors that are within the same style and composition of the existing doors.

Utilizing select grade Genuine Honduras Mahogany or select teak procured from responsible controlled forests, the Arched interior Doors are manufactured with excellence in architectural construction.

By reforestation of the mahogany and teak plantations, Bellini Mastercraft has maintained a special relationship that guarantees the availability for decades to come and much more of fine Mahogany and Teak for the manufacturing process.


Cremone Bolts are manufactured by Bellini Mastercraft in several designs. These are Manufactured in Bronze, Stainless steel or Forged Iron.  The Cremone Bolt is the natural French Traditional hardware for the Patio Doors.


“From the moment it first opened its doors on New Year’s Eve 1930, The Surf Club in Miami has hosted history. It is an institution whose reputation looms large in the imagination of so many more people than can ever have visited it, let alone been members.”

Bellini Mastercraft was tasked to build the Patio Doors a total of 48 Doors that are in the same design and spirit of the 1930 original doors. These needed to be impact-rated and with State-of-the-art technology.