When at Bellini we created the opulent, solid 2 ½” and 3 ½” thick, Mahogany Entry doors, we searched in the market for hinges that would match the visual and functionality for our doors and we were confronted with compromises that did not meet the expectations of our products. This fact allowed our company to research the possibility of manufacturing a Hinge that would sustain our expectations.

The French paumelle hinge https://www.amazon.ca/French-Paumelle-Lift-Hinge-Right/dp/B01M5J5H2V was in principle the look that we wanted to achieve, however we wanted the Barrel to be stout and matching the heavy doors. We were also concerned that the Paumelle hinge has a wingspan that is not up to holding the surface of the cant of the 2 ½” door nor that the thin wings would hold up to the weight of the doors.

At Bellini Mastercraft, we designed a hinge that has the Paumelle barrel yet in 5/8” thick diameter, in 10” height and we custom machined the finial on to the solid barrel. We also manufactured the wings to be American standard 4 ½” x 4 ½” thus making the hinge a unique synergy between the European paumelle Hinge and the American Butt hinge, we strengthen the wings using 3 1/6” gage thickness.

In order to withstand the elements and time we dressed the interior of the barrel with a brass sleeve.

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The pivot is manufactured out of stainless steel 316 L to secure the longevity and performance of the Bellini Hinge.

Then we tested the Hinges for impact rating and achieved minus 90 PSF that is today the strongest pressure ever achieved for a door or a casement window.

The Classical and the traditional Doors require hinges that will enhance the aesthetics and functionality of the Bellini Mastercraft door.

The synergy between the beauty and the unique functionality of the European “Paumelle” hinges and the American “Butt Hinge” merges in the Bellini Mastercraft Frankfurt Hinges.