If you’re not consistently improving your home, the aesthetics and the value of it is going down. One of the best ways to totally change up the look and feel of your home with little effort is to re-do your front door. All you really need to do is choose a paint color and hire Miami area experts to do the job, and your front entryway will feel like you’re in a brand new home!

The best color will depend on the style you prefer, as well as what color your home’s exterior paint is. Many people like a white house with a red door. If your home’s walls are darker, you may want to go with a light-colored door. Of course, if you like the all-white look that’s a good option too! Browse the internet and drive around the neighborhood to get some ideas.

It isn’t as much about the hue you choose as the type of paint. Your front door is well, outside. If you’ve lived here in South Florida for long, you know it isn’t easy to be exposed to the elements day in and day out for years. It’s rough out there! The sun beats down, the air is salty and humid, and we have major thunderstorms to deal with. You need a paint that can stand up to it all, while still looking fabulous.

Remember, there are practically a million colors to choose from but only one real option for the finish. To go on your Miami, FL front door, you want the paint to be semigloss. This also applies to the exterior trim. Semigloss paint gives you a smooth surface. Plus, it has a degree of shine, providing visual contrast to the paint of your exterior walls.

You don’t want to paint your front door once a year, so whatever you choose needs to be durable. That is semigloss! Semigloss finishes are easy to clean, so they’ll continue to look good for years. If your front door is made from a sturdy wood like Teak or Mahogany, the actual door will last for many years and you can simply choose a new paint color every so often to spruce up the look. This is why the quality of the products you choose is so important.

When it comes to painting your front door, you don’t want to trust anyone who isn’t at the top of the industry. This is the first thing someone will see when they arrive at your home, so it is too important to get wrong! When only the best of the best will do, Bellini Mastercraft is the answer you are looking for. No matter the exact look, feel, or design style you have in mind, we can deliver on your vision.

Since 1992, Bellini Mastercraft has been creating the strongest and most beautiful entrance doors for Miami, FL, and the surrounding area. Reach out today by calling (305) 887-4191 and see what our master craftsmen can do to make your home look even better! Once you choose which color you want your semigloss paint to be, we’ll get to work painting your front door.