Whether building or renovating your home or office in Miami, it is important you select the best front doors. There are many options when it comes to materials, and it could be overwhelming making a decision. Bellini Mastercraft knows why custom mahogany doors are a clear choice.  


Front Doors Must Be Secure

Mahogany entry doors are extremely easy to customize to ensure your home or business is safe. They are able to come equipped with flush bolts, concealed hinges, or a multi-point lock operating system in order to offer the protection you need. Additionally, doors made of mahogany give a tight fit to the frame. Only an eighth of an inch or less will remain between the ornate door and the door frame. The limited space will protect your home or business from the elements as it limits the amount of intrusion from the outside. They are weather-resistant, allowing for minimal shrinkage, and are hurricane-rated.


The Best Front Doors Are Energy Efficient

It is essential for all home and business owners to save on energy costs. Mahogany doors are more energy efficient when compared to doors made with other materials. Florida is known for having extremely scorching summers, and the air-conditioning is always on. Custom doors made with mahogany will provide the minimum amount of space between the door and the frame. This prevents air-conditioning from leaking out from the building and reduces your cooling costs. Additionally, mahogany wood is a poor conductor of heat. You will notice a decrease in your utility bills after installing mahogany custom doors.


Custom Doors Are Aesthetically Pleasing

Although there are many practical benefits to a front mahogany door, you don’t need to give up visual appeal. Mahogany comes in a wide variety of elegant colors that range from reddish, pinkish, or yellowish to a deep and dark red or a reddish brown. For further customization, you may leave mahogany untreated to weather down to a soft grey. The wood also reacts well to power tools and carves beautifully, allowing designers to create intricate and ornate designs that are sure to make a statement.

Front doors custom made with mahogany are resistant to rot, infestation, and decay so their beauty will last for many years.


Front Doors Should Increase Resale Value

Entry doors need to make a statement to draw in buyers from the street. Nothing is more sophisticated or grand than mahogany. It is known for being the premier wood used in expensive furniture, fine cabinetry, and eye-catching front doors. Doors made with mahogany are known for having strong curb appeal since a beautiful front door will surely catch the attention of buyers passing by. Due to the high cost of the wood, consumers know the doors are high quality and will outlast other materials.


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