Your door is more than just functional. You need to love the way your door looks because it is the first thing someone will see when they arrive at your home. It tells people what to expect once they get inside. It lets your neighbors, those passing by, and everyone else that you take pride in the state of your home. It tells the world that you’d done well for yourself. It’s not just about them, though. A grand front door should also give you a sense of joy when you come home and see it. “I’m finally home!” you tell yourself as instant pride, comfort, and relaxation sets in.

A house can really only be considered grand if it has a beautifully done wooden door. Of course, not just any doors will do. You want the best of the best! The question is, which wood species is going to deliver the top-tier look you want, plus the durability you need? That’s a great question! Top experts agree that you need to focus on these three aspects:

#1 Durability

It is important to consider elements beyond aesthetics when choosing your new exterior door. South Florida may be beautiful, but our environment is harsh. Constant sun, salty sea air, humidity, plus the not-so-occasional major thunderstorm can easily damage a door that isn’t made from the right wood. The door should be structurally sound, highly durable, and decay resistant. It’s not just the weather you need to worry about. You want your door to be nearly impossible to break into. Only then can you feel safe and secure in your home. 

#2 Hardwood Species

You have several options for which type of wood you want your door to be crafted from. We recommend top grade genuine Honduras Mahogany that is procured from responsible controlled forests for your artistic carved doors. We also offer Teak doors, a beautiful and hearty choice. Both of these wood species do very well in our environment. 

#3 Design

A door doesn’t have to just be a big piece of wood. We can provide you with so much more than that! Our carved wooden doors create a custom, high-end look that work in harmony with your home’s design. Bellini Mastercraft has over 30 years of expertise in this area, so you can trust us to utilize only the finest wood and then make it even better. Our design team will create a unique composition that is then made into hand carved entry doors, showing off excellence in craftsmanship in each and every project. Each panel is carved with care and professional attention to detail into the desired composition.

For those in the Miami, Florida area, the experts to call upon are at Bellini Mastercraft. Contact us for a consultation with an industry professional. We’ll provide you with a quote for the perfect high-quality wood door to complement your home’s style.