Can you think of something that can make your beautiful french door more luxurious than it already is? Have you ever heard of cremone bolts? Think of the magical door handle in the classic Disney movie Alice in Wonderland. This is an element of classic French architecture that will soon add more elegance to your home that you are aiming for. Bellini Mastercraft specializes in cremone bolts for french doors and also solid mahogany doors.


What Are Cremone Bolts?

Cremone locks first appeared in France during the 18th century. Although a lot of details are missing on its origin, specialists believe the product was imported from the Cremone region in Northern Italy. At this time two window lock devices were used in homes: the Espagnolette and the Cremone. With increasing urbanization in the 19th century, Cremone locks became more and more popular in France’s large cities. Nowadays, a lot of Parisian apartments are still equipped with this traditional window lock to protect the building’s authenticity.


Are you wondering how these bold work? Let us break it down for you. The system is made up of three elements:

  • Rods: each Cremone set has two rods, one at the bottom and one at the top. When you turn the knob, they slide up and down on the outside surface of your window or door and lock into sockets that are fixed to the door/window frame or the floor itself.


  • Handle: it can be either knob or lever form.


  • Cast housing: this cast iron box is where the mechanism is installed. The handle rotation engages a pair of rack gears which then push the rods upward and downward at the same time into the sockets.


Cremone Bolts For French Doors

If you want to make your bolt a little bit more creative, be sure to consider these rustic finishes:

  • Rust: Raw iron that has been oxidized. This finish will continue to rust over time and will rub off. This finish can be preserved by sealing with furniture wax or a clear coat sealant.


  • Black Powder Coat: A baked-on finish that is virtually maintenance free. This finish is shinier than Oil Blackened and is permanent.


  • Oil Blackened: Raw iron coated with oil. The oil will wear and expose the iron beneath which will rust. Left as is, this finish will erode, or rub off. This can be prevented by sealing with furniture wax or a clear coat sealant.


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