Many think the hardest part of choosing a new front door is picking the color, however, what about deciding what handle will compliment it the best? Why be keep it basic and stick with typical and tradition door pulls. There is a whole world out there that offers an abundance of options to choose from when it comes to exterior door handles. At Bellini Mastercraft, we specialize in the perfect mahogany exterior door for your home. We are located in Miami.


What Handle Is Perfect For Your Door

Finding the right entry door for your home is essential, but so is choosing the correct door hardware. Imagine if you got the perfect mahogany exterior door, but you chose the ugliest door handle to pair with it. This would completely diminish your brand new door. You may not realize it, but a door handle completes the overall look of your door in addition to giving you an element of security.


When choosing the right door hardware, you want a handle that matches and compliments your door style. However, this can be easier said than done. There are many types of door handles, handle sets, and hardware to choose from, and it’s hard to know which one would be best for your entry door.

To help make your choice easier, here’s what you need to know about door hardware, and how to know what kind of handle to get to complete the look and feel of your door.


Choose The Right Style of Door Pulls

There are many different styles of exterior door handles out there. Here are some of the more popular choices:

  • Keyed entry doorknobs and levers
    • These are common on many types of exterior doors, and usually, have a deadbolt above them. A deadbolt is a secondary locking mechanism, operated by a key and a thumb turn. The doorknob is the round mechanism used to open and close the door. Doorknobs come in a variety of materials, such as antique brass, rubbed bronze, or satin nickel. Instead of a doorknob, some doors have levers, otherwise known as a door handle that either turn-up or down.


  • Entry door handle sets
    • If you are looking for a more elegant look, a handle set may be the way to go. Most handle sets don’t have a lock on the handle itself but come with a matching deadbolt. Handle sets may also come in different options: single door entry, glass door entry, and double door entry.


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