At Bellini Mastercraft, we believe that the Designer Mahogany Double French Doors for the residence is the most important unit of furniture in the home. The Wood doors welcome owners and friends with warmth and great elegance.

To secure the inactive leaf in the Double French doors, Bellini offers 2 alternatives; The Bellini Surface bolt is either the traditional or our exclusive Brickel surface bolts. The second alternative is the hidden 2-point locking system, this one is activated by the interior handle.

The Handles or Cremone Bolts engage the multi bolt locking the mechanism in the active leaf with a thumb turn in the interior handle and a Key bolt in the exterior handle.

Bellini Mastercraft dresses the exterior envelope of the home with unique French contemporary or traditional French doors celebrating elegance and beauty. The thick 2 3/8” rails of The French doors combined with slim rails and unique hardware options creates the true Traditional French Arched Door.

Bellini Mastercraft manufactures unique hardware for the Arched French Doors. These handles, Surface Bolts, Hidden locking Systems, and decorative Grills are manufactured in the Bellini Mastercraft factory. Unique designs in hardware are created by our very talented design team to fit the opulent and special compositions of the Bellini Mastercraft Doors and Windows. Excellence in architectural construction makes this hardware easy to functionality and security.


 The Cremone Bolts hardware is machined by Bellini Mastercraft in several designs. Each composition is unique hardware that will fit the French door’s exclusive requirements. These are Manufactured in Bronze, Stainless steel, or Forged Iron.

Utilizing 2 Cremone Bolts in the Double Arched French doors is a Traditional European look and functionality.  This option allows to open the French doors from the interior and not from the exterior. The alternative that allows opening and locking from the outside is to utilize the Cremone Bolt in the inactive leaf and a visual matching composition of the handle in the active leaf.  that allows for a thumb turn in the interior and a key bolt in the exterior. At Bellini Mastercraft, we designed and forged the matching handles and Cremone bolts for this composition.

The Cremone Bolts for the Impact-rated Arched French Doors are designed by Bellini Mastercraft to be able to engage a hidden 2 point locking system, thus creating the strength that will protect the home in the case of a Hurricane. This manner of construction has been tested for Water infiltration, Forced Entry, and Impact. The units are fully code approved for the Coastal areas and they have achieved the strongest ratings in the market today.


Utilizing select grade Genuine Honduras Mahogany or select teak procured from responsible controlled forests, the Arched Exterior Doors are manufactured with excellence in architectural construction.

By forestation the mahogany and teak plantations, Bellini Mastercraft has maintained a special relationship that guarantees the availability for decades to come and much more of fine Mahogany and Teak for the manufacturing process.

Custom Forged Iron handles of unique visual strength and composition to match elegant contemporary Wood Doors or opulent heavy classical Doors. Steel machined surface Bolts that lock with their own weight designed to stop a Hurricane or any attempts at forced entry yet a celebration of Beauty. Custom-designed Grills that are installed with their own paumelle hinges for easy cleaning of the Glass or removal of the Grill. Straps, decorative nails, and superb heavy Paumelle hinges both in Bronze and Stainless steel.  These are all created and manufactured in the Bellini factory since 1992.


The Double FRENCH Patio Doors that Bellini creates are unmatched in composition. Each new door is a new design, Bellini strives in the idea of creating Doors designed to fit the specific architecture of the residence.

Since 1992 Bellini is committed to fine carpentry that allows for exactness and superior Custom Wood doors and windows. The designer double Wood Doors are approved for Impact hurricane codes of the Coastal areas.  Tested for water infiltration, Impact resistance, forced entry, and sustained hurricane winds the Arched Entry Doors have achieved the highest pressures in the market today.

Bellini manufactures designer Wood Doors in a synergy between our design team and the clients. Often, we spend time exploring the desires of the homeowner for a unique design.

Catering to the exact vision required for the Custom Front The door has been the ultimate quest for the Bellini Mastercraft Team.


Tested for Water Infiltration, Forced Entry, Impact, Cycling and achieving the highest negative Pressures in the market today. The Entry Doors and Windows Manufactured by Bellini Mastercraft since 1992 are Florida State Code approved for Hurricane Impact Rating.

To achieve this pressure in the windows Bellini Mastercraft designed and manufactured a simple noninvasive 3hidden 3-point locking mechanism. This one is manufactured in Stainless steel and was tested to minus 90 P.S.F.  Making Bellini Mastercraft Casement windows the strongest window in the market today.

An excellent example of the quality and design of the Bellini French traditional Doors and Windows is the Surf club’s reconstruction in Miami Beach. The Miami Beach surf Club.

Built-in 1930 the Surf club has remained the most important landmark in Miami Beach. When the Surf Club was re-done the special unique designs of the original French doors and windows were to be respected.

Bellini Manufactured celebrates these French doors with the utmost respect to the design that sprang from the early century, yet with contemporary technology to comply with today’s strict Coastal code requirements.