Honduran Mahogany and Teak Doors, Hand-Crafted And Installed In Connecticut

The Connecticut weather can be torture on a home’s exterior. Wind, rain, snow, and sun can all wreak havoc on your doors and windows if your home isn’t outfitted with top-quality material. But with a Honduran Mahogany or Teak door, hand-crafted by an expert at Bellini Mastercraft, you don’t need to worry about your home standing up to the elements. Our teak wood doors and windows are always tested for the strictest housing codes, water infiltration and forced entry to the highest pressures ever achieved in the industry. Your new door is more than just beautiful; it keeps your family safe- even from a hurricane. 

Bellini Mastercraft’s doors are made utilizing only the finest select grade genuine wood, procured from responsibly controlled forests. Honduran Mahogany or Teak are often chosen for the exterior doors, but they are also a great option for french patio doors, interior doors, and windows. With Bellini Mastercraft, there’s no need to hire a third-party installer because we handle the installation of your custom-crafted Honduran Mahogany or teak wood doors as well.

Since 1992, Bellini Mastercraft has been known for creating long-lasting, yet gorgeous doors. Both Honduran Mahogany and Teak wood doors are manufactured using state-of-the-art technology and excellently crafted by experts. Your home can finally have the superb look you’ve always dreamed of. So, if you’re ready to stun your guests when they arrive at your home, contact us now to speak with an expert about adding a door, window, or both to your home. If you need help deciding which style suits your home’s design, we’d love to help! Call us at us at (305) 887-4191 to set up an appointment.