Anyone who is looking into buying new patio furniture or a wooden exterior door will almost definitely run across many favorable reviews for Teak wood. One of the first things that will jump out at potential buyers is that wood structures made from Teak wood are consistently among the most expensive. The reason is that Teak is incredibly elegant and durable, making it quite valuable. It’s beautiful, and it possesses some natural properties that other woods don’t have. Teak makes for an excellent exterior door due to its ability to ward off dry rot. The oils prevent rot and give the wood a shiny patina.

The best Teak furniture and doors come from mature trees, and it can take around 80 years before a teak tree planted today is harvested for wood. That’s a long time to wait for patio furniture or a door! Because of this, old Teak is often reclaimed and repainted in order to be given new life.

The same oils that keep Teak from rotting also inhibit paint adhesion and can bleed through finishes, so painting Teak isn’t going to be simple or quick. You may have some success, though, if the wood is old and weathered. Proper preparation for this task is essential!

When you’re ready to try painting your exterior Teak door, here are the steps to follow:

Give it a good wash!

Before you get started, you will need to wash the Teak thoroughly to rid it of any dirt, excess oil, and mold that can interfere with the paint’s adhesion. This is a job for a strong detergent! Experts recommend you mix half to one full cup of trisodium phosphate (TSP) in a gallon of warm water and wipe down the wood with that and an abrasive sponge.

Fill in any holes or scratches.

Fill gouges and holes with epoxy wood filler, so they won’t be visible after you paint. In order to do this, you will need to mix the epoxy filler with the hardener that comes with it in the recommended proportions and spread it on the door with a putty knife. Next, scuff the wood with 220-grit sandpaper.

Apply a stain-blocking primer.

The natural oils in teak will bleed through a paint coating if it is not sealed with a primer. Apply shellac- or lacquer-based primer with a natural-bristle paintbrush. Brush with the grain of the wood and let it dry before touching the wood. If possible, wait for a week before proceeding any further. If the oils bleed through the primer, apply another coat before painting.

Give it two coats.

Choose either latex or oil-based paint and brush a single coat with the grain of the wood. Scuff the first coat of paint after it dries and then apply a second coat in the same way.

Does this sound like too much? That’s okay! Not all tasks around your home are appropriate for a DIY job. Instead, contact Bellini Mastercraft. We’ll go over your Miami, FL Teak project with you. After a discussion, you may just decide it’s best to get a new door altogether. The decision is yours! No matter what you decide to do moving forward, painting or replacing the Teak, you’ll have a better-looking door at the end of this.