The interior of your home is incredibly important to the overall satisfaction you feel with the place you live. Too few people realize how much your interior doors do to change the overall style of your house. You want your home to look better than just “good,” you want it to look great! That means paying attention to even the smallest details. When it comes to a style and design that is truly fabulous, the details make all the difference. Take a look at your doors. Are they great? Now…look even closer. What about the hinges? Replacing your door hinges will not only add beauty to your home but also improve the door’s function. It’s an update that’s as much about aesthetics as it is utility! Installing new door hinges is pretty easy, so it’s a DIY you can feel proud of.

Choosing and replacing door hinges is an easy project you can complete in no time. You’ll want to choose a new hinge by focusing on the finish, the size, and the corner style. Hinges are available in a variety of finishes to match any decor. Consider your existing door locks, levers and knobs, and other hardware found in the home. What would look the best? You’ll need to measure your existing hinges to determine the correct size. In most Miami area homes, interior doors¬†will use 3.5″ hinges and exterior doors need 4″ hinges to support the additional weight of a heavier door. Hinges come in one of three corner styles – 1/4″ radius, 5/8″ radius, and square. To make the installation go as easily as possible, choose the same corner style as your existing hinges.

Now that you’ve chosen your new hinges, it’s time to install them. Before you get started, you will need either a screwdriver and tape measure. The easiest way to install new door hinges is to leave the door in place throughout the process and replace the hinges one at a time.

Step #1 Remove the screws on both leaves of the existing hinge. Be sure to do only one.
Step #2 Remove and replace the old hinge with the new hinge.
Step #3 Screw the new hinge in place.
Step #4 Repeat steps one through three with each hinge on the door. Be sure to do them one at a time so the door stays in place.

You are all done! If you’ve chosen the correct shape and size door hinge, you should have no trouble at all. Replacing your door hinges is an easy project that anyone can complete in no time at all.

All of this attention on your doors may get you to wonder if the door itself is as good looking as it could be. That is where Bellini Mastercraft can help! Do you want french doors? Maybe a solid, hand-carved door? We can do it all! We’ve been making high-quality interior and exterior doors in the Miami, FL area for many years. Your home can be our next successful project! Call us at (786) 420-4284 to find out more about us and what we can bring to your home’s aesthetic appeal.