Doors: Why Are They Important and How Do we Choose Them?


Doors add style, character, and strength to a home. We use doors every day as we enter and exit our home, but also as we live and work inside of our homes. Though doors may be a passing thought, their structure, quality, and design can have lasting effects on your home and living quality. Front doors act as the face of your home, while side doors, back doors, and interior provide stability, insulation, and act as high-use utility accesses. Doors can be a personal statement, but also an integral part of your home’s insulation and strength. Finding and designing a striking front door is easy with Bellini Mastercraft. Our customized service is designed to suit a variety of needs, be it for a New England craftsman home, or a Florida bungalow in Miami. Bellini Mastercraft offers beautiful, custom mahogany doors that will suit your style and needs. Our mahogany doors will exceed your expectations and last for years to come.


Mahogany Doors: the Benefits


Our doors are some of the sturdiest and longest lasting doors of their kind. The rich tone to mahogany offers an aesthetic that is unparalleled. Mahogany doors are notorious for their elegance and beauty and timelessness.  


In addition to being beautiful, mahogany doors are some of the best performing doors tested over time. Each Bellini Mastercraft door is coated with a high-performance varnish, resistant to termites and rotting. With their firm and sturdy construction, mahogany doors are less prone to stains and scratch than other more soft woods. As weather changes throughout the year, your Bellina Mastercraft mahogany door will stand the test of time, resisting these weather changes by not shrinking, swelling, or seizing up. For residents in high heat and humidity areas such as Miami, you can rest assured that your mahogany door will help insulate your home, adding value to your property.


Each Bellini Mastercraft door is matched to energy codes with your area, be it New England, Florida, or the Caribbean. Our doors come ready to hang with custom hinges and handles with multi-bolt technology. Our staff is ready to help you choose the right door for your needs and budget.


Why Choose Bellini Mastercraft Mahogany Doors?


Bellini Mastercraft has been crafting and installing custom wood doors since 1992. Our professional team has been trained on offering expertise that is unparalleled in the industry. We know are craft well and take pride in providing an excellent service and product. Our customized approach to our clients is characterized by a comprehensive experience that minds all aspects–from choosing the right style door, to matching the door to local energy codes. You can count on Bellina Mastercraft to create a mahogany door that is crafted with state of the art technology and old-world craftsmanship. By choosing a Bellini Mastercraft mahagony door you will be pleased with this custom element to your home that will last 25 years or more. Call us now at 305-887-4191 so we can discuss your personalized needs.