What are Impact Doors?

For Florida residents, the signs of a hurricane are all too familiar. Over the years the state has seen devastating hurricanes such as Andrew, Charley, and most recently Irma–a hurricane that spared no resident of Florida. These hurricanes can seemingly come out of nowhere and suddenly the whole state is hurrying to protect themselves from the storm by buying last minute planks of plywood. Rather than setting your hopes on snagging those precious pieces of plywood, prepare your home with a stronger, longer lasting defense–mahogany exterior doors. Do not wait until the hurricane is here. Preparation is key. Improving your home with the quality materials it needs to stay strong and in the face of a storm can keep your home and your family safe. Make the safe choice and install high impact mahogany exterior doors. Contact Bellini Mastercraft for more!


Why Choose Mahogany Exterior Doors?


There are a lot of choices when choosing an exterior door. Hollow doors, though cheaper, do not provide the strength of a solid wood door. Pine, Walnut, and other woods may also save you money, but will most certainly not hold up to weather and wear the way that mahogany withstands the test of time. Bellini Mastercraft’s mahogany doors are coated with a high-resistant varnish that resists water and scratches–excellent for Florida storms that blast home fronts with wind and heavy rain. Mahogany wood is naturally resistant to rotting and termites. Your door will last many seasons against the elements of Florida. For Floridians enduring high heat, a mahogany door cannot be beaten in its insulative qualities. A solid mahogany exterior door will keep the cool air from escaping your home in the sweltering heat of the Summer.


When the Hurricane season comes to your doorstep, you want to be prepared against flying debris and pummeling rain. Bellini Mastercraft can help you prepare by helping you find the right high impact mahogany doors for your home.


Protect Yourself From The Elements With High Impact Doors


Floridians know all too well how important the structural elements to their home become when 100 mph winds whip into their home. Don’t count on sheets of plywood this season. Prepare yourself for the fiercest of elements with high impact mahogany exterior doors. Call our team of specialist today at 305-887-4191 to talk about the right set of doors to defend you and your family from the elements. Call us today and get the personalized service you deserve. Or write us at about your specific needs at [email protected].