When it comes to the various types of wood you can work with to complement your home, mahogany wood definitely takes first prize. At Bellini Mastercraft, we are here to fill your minds with all the interesting facts that come with this amazing wood. Located in Fort Lauderdale, we specialize in mahogany interior doors.


Straight To The Facts

Part of the Chinaberry family, mahogany is a deciduous tree. This tree can vary in three different species. All of which can be found in Mexico, Central America, And South America. Typically, Mahogany grows in wet and dry tropical forests. What is also very impressive is that the tree can grow from most altitudes. They grow from the sea level to the altitude of 4,600 feet. That is impressive. The tree prefers rich, well-drained soils and areas near a river. It is no wonder why everyone wants to purchase mahogany interior doors for their home.


Mahogany Wood Facts

  • Can grow to reach heights of 150 to 200 feet. Also, the trunk of the tree can reach six feet in diameter. With this, it develops a large, broad crown.
  • As soon as old leaves fall, new leaves immediately begin to grow.
  • Mahogany blooms from April to June. Because of this, it attracts moths and small bees who pollinate its flowers.
  • Big-leaf mahogany grows fruit called “sky-fruit.” This is because of the orientation of capsules toward the sky.
  • The root system of the mahogany is very strong so it stabilizes the soil and prevents erosion.
  • The harvested wood of mahogany is yellow, salmon-colored, red, pink, or brown color.
  • A mahogany tree is slow-growing and can survive 350 years in the wild.
  • The fruit of the mahogany can be used to improve blood circulation.
  • Mahogany is extremely strong and easy to work with. The material does not typically shrink or warp, it glues well, and can handle a high degree of polishing.
  • Despite the popularity of Mahogany, the tree sources were never replenished. The rarity of this wood makes it so attractive today to many people.
  • We often see the color of Mahogany furniture vary, and this is because the pieces came from different locations, trees and of course polishing practices.
  • Attempts to re-plant the wood were made, but by the late 1800’s the species had been logged into genetic impoverishment and commercial extinction.  This destruction was finished by infestations of the pyralid moth and the ambrosia beetle. A small grove of Swietenia mahagoni still exists on the island of Palau
  • The currently-beloved violet-red color of Mahogany came about between the two World Wars and is not particularly original or authentic.


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