When someone arrives at your home, your front door is their first impression. Before you greet them with a smile and they get a peek at your decor, the front door tells them what to expect once they get inside. What is your front door telling visitors? If you’re not keeping up with your front door the way you should be, it may not be giving off the first impression you would like for it to. Wooden doors begin to rot and metal doors begin to rust. Not only this, any type of door also gets damaged through daily use such as slamming and banging. This weakens the paint and finish, causing damage to the material underneath.

That’s right- your front door requires a bit of maintenance! Just like your car and your HVAC, your front door won’t last as long as it should if you don’t keep up with it. Don’t worry; you don’t need to take it into the shop. Front door maintenance is pretty simple, which means there is no excuse not to do it.

#1 Routinely inspect it. When you take a close look at your front door, you may notice that paint has started to fade or crack, coming off with the lightest of touches. Your door is subject to damage from water, UV rays, fierce Texas weather, and more. Invest in UV-blocking varnish and paint, plus a quality oil to treat the wood.

#2 Look for rotting, splintering, or holes. Even top-quality wood doesn’t last forever without a bit of care. If it’s been a while since you’ve really looked at your door, it could be breaking apart without you realizing it. Can you see any rot or rust? If there’s some piece of a wooden door that’s broken off or if there’s a hole in it, you need to seal it right away. 

#3 Clean it. The last thing you want is for first-time visitors to arrive at your home and see a dirty door. They’ll assume the inside of your house is dirty, too. Just like your windows, your doors need to be cleaned on occasion as well. You don’t need anything special or fancy; a simple solution of mild dish soap and warm water will do. Wipe it with a smooth cloth or sponge. Wipe until no more dirt or dust is evident when you swipe across the surface. It really is that simple!

Check-ups are essential to providing your front door with the routine care it needs to stay in great shape for the long term. Bellini Mastercraft makes exceptional front doors for Texas homeowners, made from top-quality materials like Teak, Mahogany from Honduras, and Iron. This gorgeous door is an investment! You want your investment to last as long as possible, which means taking proper care of it. With this simple list, you’ll do just that.