The Mahogany painted door enhanced by the original re built contours of shell carvings and opulent dental columns is the exact balance between the Classical ,Traditional setting and the contemporary composition. The Architectural construction creates the perfect setting for the Coral gables home. Known as The City Beautiful, Coral Gables stands out as a planned community that blends color, details, and the Mediterranean Revival architectural style.

The simple yet contemporary red Door is dressed with a Medallion that actually operates the mult-bolt Mechanism.
The machining and the mechanics of this functionality was crafted in the Metal Mechanic shop of the Bellini Mastercraft plant.

The Door is Code approved to withstand the strongest Hurricanes, Tested for Water Infiltration, Imapct Resistance and Force entry under the strictest Florida Approvals tests .

Since 1992 Bellini Mastercraft designs and manufactures the unique hardware for the Wood Impact Exterior Doors.

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