Fishermans Net Mahogany Doors

The interwoven rails in the Mahogany Exterior Doors are a celebration of fine craftsmanship and excellence in design. Dressed with. stainless “point Pulls” and. “BRICKEL” Hinges the Doors are an elegant addition to the Bal-Harbor, Florida residence it enhances


Width: 72″
Height: 120″
Thickness: 2 3/8″


The double leaf elliptical top Exterior Mahogany Front French Door has been tested for hurricane impact resistance, forced entry, water infiltration and Hurricane cycling. The Impact Resistant Wood French Doors protects the homes of the Coastal areas of The United States and the Caribbean Islands.

The strength and craftsmanship in the manufacturing of the Impact Wood Exterior Doors will protect, insulate and enhance the homes in the mainland from extreme cold weather and the wrath of mother nature.