Florida Door

Manufactured for a residence in New Haven in Connecticut, the particular design of the single leaf mahogany doors and the clean composition of the vertical planks highlighted by the stainless steel vertical rod and the stainless steel handles are in direct contrast to the rustic finish color and the clean side lite panel.

Bellini fine craftsmanship enhances and protects homes with beautiful and unique mahogany doors since 1992.


Width: 36″
Height: 96″
Thickness: 2 3/8″
Glass Side Lite Width: 12″


Tested for water infiltration, Forced entry, Impact and cycling, under the strictest codes of Hurricane resistance in the coastal areas, the Impact Mahogany Entry Doors will protect homes in the coastal areas of the United States and the Caribbean Islands from the storms and Hurricanes.

The strength in the composition of the doors will protect and insulate the home from the New England colder weather and from any attempted forced entry