Lantana – Mahogany Garage Doors


Lantana – Mahogany Garage Doors

The mahogany tree is first chain sawed into squares, before being brought to the factory where it is milled into plank boards. These planks are then placed in stickers for proper seasoning. After 60 days it is placed in the Kiln for 24 days to dry the wood to the required humidity before entering the manufacturing process. The top board that shows the chainsaw from squaring the trees in the forests and the damage from dragging and clamping the squared wood from the forests to the river, then to the truck and to the factory, is saved in able to surface the distressed Garage doors, ceilings coverings or exterior and interior distressed doors.

The garage doors are left unfinished with only a protection with a natural clear base sealer. Distressed decorative nails are added to enhance the unique presentation of the Distressed Mahogany garage doors.

Since 1992, the BELLINI MASTERCRAFT door is manufactured with superior craftsmanship. The uncompromising dedication of the manufacturing plant, the design team and the customer service makes the doors the best option for the protection and enhancement of the home.

The Dressing is on the existing Garage door.

Thickness: 3/4″