Marathon Key Mahogany Entry Door

The double french Mahogany Front doors with a raised bottom panel are fitted with Custom manufactured Grills in the exterior of the Doors and . Operated with a single point multibolt security locking mechanism.

Hung with Bellini’s unique heavy paumelle wrought iron hinges and engaged with our custom manufactured Asiel handles, the Entry door is a magnificent touch of class to the home.

Bellini enhances and protects homes since 1992 with excellence in craftsmanship and precise manufacturing.


Width: 72″
Height: 96″
Thickness: 2 3/8″
Impact Laminated Glass: 2 3/8″


Tested for water infiltration, Forced Entry, Hurricane Cycling and Impact the Mahogany French doors are code approved to protect the homes in the Coastal areas of the United States and the Caribbean Islands from the fiercest Hurricanes.

The composition and strength of the “Impact Mahogany French Doors” fitted with Insulated laminated Glass will enhance and protect and insulate the homes in New Hampshire and South Carolina from extreme cold weather and from attempted forced entry.