Miramar Mahogany Exterior Doors

Flat panel with contemporary super imposed moldings and dressed with custom manufactured 8″ wide casings the Key West Mahogany Exterior Doors stand out for simplicity and dynamic design strength.

The Wood Doors are fitted with a 3 point locking mechanism and a hidden 2 point locking system that are activated by stainless steel levers and plates. Stainless steel custom pulls complete the unique aesthetics of the doors.


Width: 72″
Height: 120″
Thickness: 3 1/2″


The Wood Exterior Door Has been tested for water infiltration, Forced entry, Impact and cycling under the strictest codes of Hurricane resistance in the coastal areas.

The manufacturing design of the thick Mahogany Exterior Door will insulate the homes from cold weather and summer heat and will protect the house from the wrath of hurricanes and unwanted forced entry