Palm Island – Mahogany Gate Door


Palm Island – Mahogany Gate Door

In absolute Harmony with the gate front doors and the exterior doors in the Palm Island residence in South Miami Beach, the car gate doors are manufactured with an aluminum structural skeleton that holds the integrity of the units. A copper top wrap protects the 3 1/2″ thick top rail from water damage.

Stainless steel custom heavy hinges are anchored to the key stone dressed columns and are welded to the metal skeleton inside the rail.

Speakeasy windows with GRS. Custom grills and decorative hammered forged nails dress the electrically operated double leaf car gate doors.

Since 1992, the BELLINI MASTERCRAFT door is manufactured with superior craftsmanship. The uncompromising dedication of the manufacturing plant, the design team and the customer service makes the doors the best option for the protection and enhancement of the home.

Thickness:3 1/2″