South Bay Mahogany Gate Door

The “Exterior Mahogany Doors” are manufactured with 3 raised panels per leaf of the double full arch mahogany doors.

The Glass panels surrounding the doors are 2′ wide and enhanced with decorative knockers. 2′ x 4″ metal tubing surrounds the exterior of the jamb from which 2″ x 4″ wings are welded to the concrete wall. these metal tubes are dressed with Mahogany.

Bellini Manufactures utilizing select grade genuine Honduras Mahogany.
Kiln dried and procured from responsibly controlled forests, Bellini brings beauty and strength to the Entry doors since 1992.


Width: 72″
Height: 120″
Thickness: 3 1/1″
Surround Width: 24″
Total Width: 122″
Total Height: 144″


The “Tampa” composition of the Exterior Mahogany Doors was tested for Impact resistant, Water infiltration, force entry and hurricane cycling. The impact wood Exterior doors are designed and manufactured to protect the homes and businesses in the Coastal areas and in the Caribbean Islands.