Your doors won’t last as long as your house itself, especially here in South Florida. We have strong sunshine, fierce storms, and very high levels of humidity, so your door is going to wear down and start looking less-than-great. It isn’t a matter of “if,” but when. The question becomes when you need a new door- what should it look like? You have more options than you may realize. Consider a few key factors to help you decide:

What is the style of your home?

You want your new door to compliment your home’s style. Do you live in a mid-century modern home? Or a grand Tudor-like mansion? Or maybe an island-inspired beach cottage. The style of your home should be the first thing you consider when choosing doors. Once you establish that style, you can narrow down your options from there. You probably don’t want a big iron door for a beach house; you’ll want a carved Teak wooden door instead. A brand new, custom carved door will add a totally new look and feel to your home! Bellini Mastercraft has over 30 years of expertise in this area, so you can trust us to utilize only the finest select grade genuine Honduras Mahogany that is procured from responsible controlled forests for your artistic carved doors, so this is a fantastic option.

Are you concerned with privacy and safety?

Your door is for more than just decoration. Do you live in an urban setting? If you are looking for maximum security, strength, and energy efficiency, then metal entry doors are perfect. You probably don’t want a lot of glass if you don’t want people seeing inside. Iron does an exceptional job at all of these. This door will provide maximum security and protection. Whether it’s a hurricane or an intruder, your new iron door will protect you, your family, and your belongings for many years to come. If you love the look of an ultra-modern decor and want to be totally safe inside your home, this type of door is perfect for you.

What do you want your first impression to be?

Exterior doors set the tone for your house, well before a visitor actually steps foot inside your house. Your doors are the first thing people notice about your home when they walk up. The different types of exterior doors contribute to your home’s curb appeal and energy efficiency in a variety of ways. You want to get this right! Imagine your party guests seeing your hand-carved solid wood exterior doors or grand iron doors. They’ll be so impressed before they even go inside!

Are you ready to make a choice? When your home needs a new door, you can’t go wrong with Bellini Mastercraft. Reach out to Bellini Mastercraft, our area’s top door experts. We’ve been designing and installing new doors for Miami, FL homes for decades. Today is the day to contact an industry professional for a consultation. We’ll provide you with a quote for the perfect high-quality products to complement your style and vision. Begin by calling our team at (305) 887-4191.