Choosing the right door


For some, doors are a passing thought. But if you really think about it, doors are an integral element to our homes and lives. We use them on an everyday basis. They protect us from harsh environmental elements such as rain, wind, Summer heat, and Winter chill. For residents of West Palm Beach, we need the strongest of doors to provide protection from Summer storms and even hurricanes. When it comes to these extreme conditions, nothing withstands the elements better than solid mahogany doors. Bellini Mastercraft mahogany doors characterize homes, styling your house with unique design elements that friends, family, and neighbors come to recognize about your residence. For the maximum protection against the natural elements, while also offering extreme elegance and beauty, a solid mahogany door is the only door that will hold up against the test of time.


Why Choose Solid Mahogany Doors



Mahogany doors are known for the strength of the wood and durable nature. Bellini Mastercraft creates sturdy, stable doors that do not warp with time. Mahogany wood is superior in sound-blocking, both from exterior sounds such as highway and cars, to interior sounds from room to room. Solid wood doors are ideal for creating a quiet living space.



For maximum safety, invest in nothing less than a solid mahogany door. These doors offer better fireproofing than other woods because of their solid structure. Hollow doors burn much faster. High burning woods like pine, birch, or walnut burn easily in a fire.


Historic Integrity:

For homeowners looking to sustain historic integrity to their home, a solid wood door is a must.

Solid wood doors increase the resale value of your home with its superior features to other doors and other woods.

Customization Options:

Mahogany is easy to work with and lends well to carving, embossing or engraving–offering endless customization options. This sort of customization is not always available when working with other woods.


Weather Resistant:

Mahogany is inherently resistant to termites, rot, and decay, as opposed to other woods. Soft woods such as pine tend to not hold up well to weather and environmental elements. In coastal zones such as West Palm Beach this is particularly important as the wear from the salty air and humid environment can affect how long your door will hold up.


Choose Bellini Mastercraft For Your Custom Solid Mahogany Wood Door:

Bellini Mastercraft only uses the finest mahogany to craft their doors. Their trained team of professionals are involved in every step of the process, from design to manufacture. Bellini Mastercraft specializes in customizing the client experience. Solid mahogany doors offer the most options for customization due to their structure and makeup. Choose to emboss, carve, or detail your door to fit the style of your home. For a door with character, integrity, and stability choose solid mahogany wood. Call 305-887-4191 or write us at [email protected] to learn more about the benefits of choosing Mahogany over other woods.