Are up to date with the latest trend when it comes to home decor? More specifically kitchens? Something that is sweeping the nation in modern interior is the farmhouse style tend. This includes everything from barn doors and wooden cabinetry. At Bellini Mastercraft, we feature solid wood interior doors, including mahogany doors. We are the best choice in West Palm Beach.


Farmhouse is the New Chic

This year, homeowners are taking advantage of the best of both worlds in the design realm by combining classic farmhouse designs with sleek modern accents. Gaining in popularity throughout Kansas City and the rest of the country, this modern farmhouse home design trend is quickly becoming standard for houses, both exterior and interior. This rustic oasis aesthetic can be achieved in your home through a few main avenues. Try our mahogany doors today.


We Sell Solid Wood Interior Doors

Ask us about the doors we offer. Doors are often an overlooked feature in your house. However, with modern designs, your door can be the main feature of your home. Adding barn doors not only change the feel of your room but with the many uses barn doors have, it can change the way you look at your home. By switching from doorknobs to barndoor pulls, you will give your traditional home a modern look.


A good thing about having barn doors in your bedroom is you get the opportunity to mix and match the perfect door to the ideal barn hardware (track, wheels, etc.). In addition to the gorgeous style, the doors also give you space. You will never need to worry about the wasted space that a typical door will take up every time a door is open. By installing a door that slides against a wall, you eliminate the empty space so you have more room to do what you want in your bedroom. Maybe you can add some more furniture that compliments your newly installed door.


Here are some tips to implement into both the inside and outside of your home:

  • Exterior
    • Reclaimed Wood: Boasting the natural beauty of wood, reclaimed wood to give your home a warm, lived-in polish without the hassle of having to wait for your own new lumber to age.
    • Metal Accents: Bronze or silver hardware on your deck helps to establish an impeccable modern flair on your rustic home. These metallic pieces are a small addition that creates major impact.
    • Neutral Tones: Both farmhouse and modern style homes thrive when neutral colors are used. From siding to trim to even the color of your front door, sticking with neutral shades of white, black, or even gray are best when striving for a modern farmhouse look.


  • Interior
    • Exposed Ceilings: By exposing the inner workings of your ceiling in a basement setting, you will help bring the modern aspect of your farmhouse to life. Simply paint the pipes and boards a dark color and the room will instantly open your space up to new textures.
    • Barn Doors: Often used for laundry rooms, large sliding barn doors made out of aged wood and paired with dark metal hardware are the perfect finishing touch for any modern farmhouse. Convenient and classic, these doors are a must for any home remodel hoping to bring the farmhouse aesthetic to life.
    • Oversized Accessories: Whether a bold light fixture in your home’s entryway or the larger than life farmhouse sink in your kitchen, this style trend is all about going big. While still remaining functional, these accessories serve as focal points that add extra value and style to your home.


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