When you want a top-tier wood, you want Mahogany. It’s as simple as that! This wood species as a window material is far more durable and long-lasting than many of the alternatives. Wooden window frames are simple to care for when compared to metal or aluminum, because there is no rust to clean up. That being said, this is only true if the wood is cared for correctly. Mahogany window frames do still require some maintenance on a regular basis. Don’t worry- it’s simple to do and won’t take long at all!

Step #1 Get rid of any loose dirt, debris, and grime

Start by removing any dust, dirt, and debris with a clean dry cloth. Put your elbow into it! Add some force as you scrub to ensure you’re fully removing all the possible grime. 

Step #2 Gather your cleaning materials

You are going to need a clean cloth, warm water, and ordinary dish soap. The best would be specially-made wood soap if you have it on hand. When you have gotten your cloth wet, wring out most of the water and apply your soap directly. 

Step #3 Scrub the wood frames

Now it’s time to get cleaning! Using your damp cloth, scrub your window frame thoroughly.  You may need to rinse and resoap your cloth, if there’s a lot of grime to scrub off. You can repeat this step as many times as necessary in order to get your Mahogany back to pristine condition. Once finished with one window, move on to the next. Depending on the number of windows you have, this could take a few hours. You want it done right, so don’t skimp out!

Step #4 Inspects the windows for signs of deterioration or damage

Your wood is clean again! Good for you! While you’re already looking closely at your Mahogany window frames, take a moment to check out if they’re in need of any repairs. Is the seal and weather stripping correctly placed and damage free? If you notice any damage, now is the perfect time to call in the professionals at Bellini Mastercraft. 

For any questions, we encourage you to contact us. Do you think you’ve gone too long without performing this maintenance and an expert needs to come in to revamp, repair, or replace your mahogany windows? We can do it! Utilizing only the finest select grade genuine Honduras Mahogany procured from responsibly controlled forests, our windows are dressed with Bellini own machined handles and matching stays. Our windows have been tested for the strictest hurricane codes, water infiltration, and forced entry to the highest pressures ever achieved in the wood window industry. That is why when looking for help with your Mahogany windows, you can know for sure that Bellini Mastercraft is the best of the best! Call us at 305-887-4191 to get started!