When purchasing a new door you may be thinking that wood is wood. It doesn’t matter what type it is because they all look and act the same. If you are an individual who is under this impression, let us convince you otherwise. Here at Bellini Mastercraft, we are experts on mahogany wood and teak wood doors. Located in Miami, our shop has everything to suit your mahogany exterior door needs.


Which Wood is Which?

Mahogany and teak are both exotic hardwoods. However, they are both very different from each other. Teak is usually thought of being exclusive than mahogany, and the price proves that.  When you think of mahogany, think of a more all-purpose version of teak. It has broader availability and distribution. Teak does, however, has a distinct advantage with it comes to moisture resistance. This makes it a little more appropriate for outdoor use.


Let’s Talk About Teak Wood

Teak is widely grown and imported from plantations in Africa, Latin America, and Asia. Teak is amongst other varieties and is referred to generically. Burmese teak, however, is specifically made from naturally grown trees. This is as opposed to plantation-grown trees grown in other tropical regions.


The characteristics of teak are as follows:

Light brown to gold in color and darkens with age

Oily texture

Irregular grain patterns, often flame-like, fine

Not considered as aesthetically pleasing as mahogany

One of the most decay-resistant hardwoods available


What About Mahogany?

Most mahogany lumber that is used commercially originates from Central and South America. Mahogany species are widespread and are similar in appearance in the application. They have become grouped together and are generically marketed as genuine mahogany.


The characteristics of mahogany are as follows:

Reddish, orange, or pinkish tint

Coarse texture

Half the cost of teak, in most cases

Moderate to low insect and rot resistant

Consistently straight with fine grain patterns


What About the Durability and Density?

The Janka scale ranks wood for density. Genuine mahogany has a hardness rating of 900, making it slightly softer than teak, which has a rating of 1,070. The differences in hardness are, for the most part, insignificant. For the sake of comparison, red oak ranks 1,290 on the Janka scale.


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