You probably don’t think much about your front door. As long as it’s shutting when you want it to and opening when you turn the handle, it’s doing its job. Right? Yes, and no. In fact, your front door can and should do a lot more than just sit there and open sometimes. It may be time for a new wooden front door and you don’t even realize it! Do any of these sound familiar? 

#1 It’s difficult to open and close. Over the years, your door has become much more sticky or warped and now it doesn’t open or close easily. What a pain! The problem could be that the hinges are sinking. If it is sticking into the door jam, your door probably has exposed areas either down the sides or top or bottom where you can see light. Seeing light from the inside or outside without the door being open is a problem. This indicates leaking air. Whether it’s an energy-wasting problem or just harder than it should be to open and close it, it’s time for a new door.

#2 It is no longer in good condition. Your front door tells people what to expect once they come inside your home. What first impression is your door giving off? If your door has a lot of dings and scratches, it’s nothing good. Your home is your castle. It’s where you should be safe and happy. Beyond this, it’s also an investment. You want to get the most from your investment, which means keeping up your property value. A beat up door isn’t giving off the impression you want.

#3 You can see that it has moisture between the panes of glass. Many doors have double-paned glass so you can see who is approaching your house. Over time, the seal between those two panes will fail. This leads to moisture, mildew and mold. The last thing any homeowner wants to hear is mold! If you see this, you want to replace it right away. This is especially true if your entry way is shaded or doesn’t receive much direct sunlight. This can be a huge problem if it’s not remedied right away.  

#4 You have an insect problem. Probably only second to mold, thinking about an insect infestation is downright terrifying. Not only is it going to be expensive to get rid of, it’s nasty to think about living with bugs! A home that isn’t sealed up is easy for little critters to make their way into.

When you choose Bellini Mastercraft for your wooden door, your door will be absolutely beautiful! We use only the finest wood. A master craftsman will carve your door so it is more a piece of art than anything else. It will be stunning, yet still be durable and eco-friendly too. Our doors offer everything you’re looking for!