You need a new front door. Don’t think of this as one more boring thing to check off your ever-growing to-do list. This is a fantastic opportunity to upgrade the look and feel of your home! As you’re shopping for a new entry door, you have several decisions to make. While you’re grappling with the right color, architectural style, design, and finish, don’t lose sight of the single most important decision: the material your door will be made of. That’s where your journey to choosing a new Texas front door begins!

4 Tips for Choosing a New Front Door

#1 Decide on the materials. Your three main options are wood, metal, and fiberglass. Each option comes with its unique features, meaning pros and cons. Wood doors exude an elegance and class that other doors, including fiberglass, quite simply cannot. Wood doors give you a high-end appearance and great insulation. As long as you keep it properly maintained, a wood door will stave off drafts and keep your utility bills down. Iron, on the other hand, is stronger than any other option while still maintaining a very beautiful appearance. You are telling the world your home is your castle! At Bellini Mastercraft, we offer a superior line of iron doors available in Dark Bronze, Light Bronze, Matt Black, or Pewter.

#2 Consider french doors versus solid doors. Don’t forget whether or not you want windows on your front doors, and how many. Do you want french doors, where nearly the entire door is filled with small glass windows? Do you want a solid door that no one can see into? Perhaps a good middle front is sidelites. Sidelites are narrow, vertical windows on one or both sides of a front door. Though they are commonly paired on either side of a front door, it is possible to have a sidelite on only the right-hand or left-hand side of a doorway depending on the space available.

#3 Choose a style. No matter which material you choose, it can be designed to be classic, contemporary, sleek, traditional, simple, ornate, or any other style you desire. The difference between a classic wooden door and one made to match a Scandinavian style is a big one! Perhaps you want it to be very ornate or on the far end of the spectrum and extremely simple and stylistically pure instead. The choice is yours!

#4 Look at the designs. You’ve chosen your material, but your quest to find the perfect front door is far from over. A brand new, custom carved door will add a totally new look and feel to your home! Bellini Mastercraft has over 30 years of expertise in this area, so you can trust us to utilize only the finest select grade genuine Honduras Mahogany that is procured from responsible controlled forests for your artistic carved doors. It isn’t only wood that can be custom made. If you have decided you want an iron door, our gallery will show you that these can be created uniquely and specifically for you.

Trust Bellini Mastercraft for Your New Front Door

You put a great deal of trust in your front door. Not only do you count on it to make a good first impression of your home for any visitor or passerby, but it also needs to keep you, your family, and your possessions safe. For that reason alone, you must take your time when choosing a new Texas front door. The company you go with really matters!

Only the best will do and that is precisely what we deliver! The craftsmen to trust with your new front door are at Bellini Mastercraft. By reading testimonials from past customers and viewing our gallery, you’ll be excited at the prospect of what we can do for you. The only thing left to do now is to contact us!