A wooden door is a beautiful feature for any home. It adds elegance and luxury to a house. These doors can be installed interior and exterior. Here at Bellini Mastercraft we want to make sure you know exactly what specifications to consider in order to make your house the best it can be with wooden doors. We are the best in Miami.


The Magical Entry Way!

Elegant mahogany doors can be used as a passage to the inner you. Think of a door as a portal to your personal world. Okay, maybe you do not need to go that deep, however, a door is still essential.


Doors are the connecting link between the interior and exterior of a building and act as the passageways between rooms. They are used every day, yet often times, they are only passively thought about when it comes to design. We aim to highlight the design choices when it comes to doors and how each choice can impact the overall design of a room, a home, or a business. Imagine how much of an impression you will leave if the door leading to it is mesmerizing.


Wooden Door Specs

  • Interior or exterior?
    • One of the first choices that will influence all other decisions is what you intend the door to be used for. ¬†Is it going to act as the point of entry from outside or from room to room? You must consider if you need it for exterior or interior purpose.


  • Functionality
    • Choosing the material that will best suit your needs, the next aspect you want to consider is the functionality of the door. This too is influenced based on where the door is located.


  • Door frames
    • The type of frame you choose will influence safety measures and thermal performance.


  • Aesthetics
    • With wood doors, you have an assortment of options such as staining, painting, or leaving the natural finish of cherry, fir, mahogany, maple, oak, pine or walnut.


  • Hardware
    • One of the final considerations when it comes to the door is the hardware involved with hanging it such as the hinges, the deadbolts used to provide added security to space, and lastly the doorknob that makes operating the door possible. When picking out the hardware for your door, there is an assortment of colors and finishes available.


  • Trim
    • While most individuals choose a subtle trim that blends into the surrounding area, some choose a bold option that provides a focal point for the room.


  • Performance factors
    • In addition to considering aesthetics, many choose a door based on its performance ratings in the areas of security, fire resistance, or energy efficiency. They want to ensure that the door can deter tampering, act as a safe exit if a fire arises, and reduce the amount of cool air in the winter or heat in the summer that enters the home.


Trust Our Mahogany Doors

Here at Bellini Mastercraft, we are professionals when it comes to all things wooden door. We have everything you need. Our solid mahogany doors will give your newly floored bedroom that extra pizzazz it lacks. When it comes in high quality and custom-made mahogany, Bellini Mastercraft is the company to call. Contact us today in Miami, for more information on how we can take care of you.