Wooden Doors

There are a number of ways you can ensure your home is as eco-friendly as possible. Probably the easiest is to have appliances specifically made for this purpose, like your washer and dryer. You can also have special windows installed that keep out much on the UV light. That’s far from all you can do, though. Did you know that your door actually goes a long way toward whether your home is fully eco-friendly or not?

It’s true! If you’re trying to live as green as possible and keep your eco-footprint small, you want a wooden door. A few of the reasons this is considered more eco-friendly include:

#1 This type of wood is renewable. Wood is a renewable resource. In fact, wood is one of the most eco-friendly materials we have available to us if it’s done in a sustainable way. When you get your wood door from Bellini Mastercrafts, you choose either Teak or Mahogany. Both of these wood species come from forests that are maintained in a way to ensure new trees are always growing before one is cut down. 

#2 These doors are durable. There’s a reason wood doors have been around for centuries. If cared for properly, wooden doors can actually last about 100 years. This means you’ll probably never have to replace your door again for the rest of your life. Other people will probably need at least another few doors, so you’re doing your part to save materials. Remember, the first R in “The 3 R’s” is to Reduce!

#3 They offer heat retention. A wood door maintains heat well, meaning it keeps the hot air outside and the cool air inside. You won’t need to keep messing with your thermostat and using electricity to keep your house cool. Here in the South Florida area, that’s a big deal!

#4 They can be recycled. When you think of a recyclable product, you’re probably imagining a newspaper or a milk jug. A wooden door is too! You can easily transform your wooden door into something else once it’s past its useful life. 

#5 There is limited waste. When wooden doors are made, there is very little waste in the manufacturing process. Any small wood chips can often be used in other applications. On top of that, these wood chips are biodegradable, which means it will all break down and go back to the Earth without harming it. You can’t say that about plastic! 

When you choose Bellini Mastercraft for your wooden door, you’ll reap all of these eco-friendly benefits. Beyond this, your door will be absolutely beautiful! We use only the finest wood. A master craftsman will carve your door so it is more a piece of art than anything else. It will be stunning, yet still be eco-friendly. Our wooden doors are the best of both!