Choose a Front Door Handle

If we asked you what the most important part of your front door is, what would you say? If you’re like most people, you haven’t even given it that much thought. That is why when it is time to choose a front door handle, you’re not even sure where to begin. There’s no need to worry because the experts at Bellini Mastercraft are here to help you!

You don’t want to simply run to the nearest home supply store and grab the first door handle you find. This would be a big mistake. Choosing a new front door handle that is perfect for your home may not be as simple as picking up whatever is conveniently available on the shelf. If your new door handle makes it impossible to open the front door while you’re holding groceries, you’ll very quickly realize your mistake of hastily picking something out. With that in mind, here’s what you need to know.

5 Tips to Choose a Front Door Handle

Whether your door is wood, iron, or anything else, choosing the front door handle is very important. Not only is the handle a huge aspect of how safe your door is, but it also goes a long way towards your home looking good and being convenient to get into!

Tip #1 Think about safety and security. The number one concern on your mind when it comes to your front door should be security. This isn’t just a handle; you’ll need a matching or connected deadbolt too. Not all deadbolts are created equal! Be sure to look for the highest security grade possible, a Grade 1 lock, for best in residential security.

Tip #2 Don’t shop on price alone. It would be a big mistake to buy the cheapest door handle possible. Chances are good you don’t wear the cheapest shoes or drive the cheapest car. You know that those aren’t the best products available on the market, and the same can be said for door handles. When it comes to securing your home, you don’t want to save a few bucks if it means sacrificing quality and durability! Making an investment in a high-quality door handle now will save you money and peace of mind in the long run. If your home is broken into because your cheap handle doesn’t hold up, you’ll be wishing you had made a smarter decision!

Tip #3 Make it match! Let the style of your door and home’s exterior be your guide! It would be silly to pretend it doesn’t matter what the door handle looks like. Of course it does! Whatever door hardware you choose, make sure that it matches the door itself. Most often, you will want to choose a handle set that looks good with the door’s existing hinges and threshold. Door handle sets can be made from brass, bronze, stainless steel, and wrought iron. Different handle sets look better with different entry door colors. This is something our experts can help you with.

Tip #4 Decide between rustic and modern. The two main door handle options are rustic and modern. Stainless steel door handles are a popular choice for a modern look and this sleek style of handle complements many modern doors. On the other hand, bronze and wrought iron door hardware best portrays a rustic or artistic style. 

Tip #5 Think about your lifestyle and habits. It’s important to make sure everyone can access the handles and use them effectively, whether it is you with an armful of groceries or your son coming home from school. If you have pets, you’ll want to consider whether the handles are pet-friendly in order to avoid an unexpected escape.

The Best Doors and Door Handles in Miami are From Bellini Mastercraft

We have quite a few options in door hardware to choose from. Manufactured out of stainless steel, bronze, or wrought iron, our door handles for sale are finished to match the required designs. The only thing left to do now is to speak with our experts and find the perfect pieces for you!