You love your Miami area house. It represents not just a large financial investment, but also the home that you and your family make memories in. The last thing you want is to ruin the aesthetic vibe you’ve worked so hard to curate. When you want or need a new front door, you’re looking for an entry door that matches the style of your home instead of distracts from it. This isn’t as impossible as it may sound. Bellini Mastercraft is your industry leader in the South Florida area, so we’re here to help you choose an entry door that is perfect!

How to Choose an Entry Door to Match Your Miami House’s Style

It’s really all about first impressions! Curb appeal sets the tone for your home, and the entry door specifically helps to establish the mood people feel when they see your house. The door’s style, paint color, hardware, windows, and decorations all work together to create an overall scene. The question is- how can you ever choose the one that matches your home’s current style?

#1 Begin with the materials. If you have a classic colonial home, you’re not going to put an iron door on it, no matter how great the iron door looks on its own. This is why the material of the door is the place where you will begin your search. Traditional homes combine elegance with timeless features and accents. These homes often feature solid wood entry doors with bold hardware and rich colors. You’ll love Mahogany if this describes your home’s style. If your home has a modern or beachy style, consider a Teak wood front door. We have a gorgeous line of iron entry doors available in Dark Bronze, Light Bronze, Matt Black, or Pewter for homes with an impressive, luxury style.

#2 Consider the color. Even if you go with a wooden door or iron door, you still have choices as far as the color goes. Choosing a complementary color for your front door always works. As briefly mentioned above, we have four colors in iron doors available to you. Let’s say your home’s exterior paint color is light. You’d want Matt Black or Pewter. If you want a wooden door, Teak and carved Mahogany are both great options that are each well-known for their distinctive hues.

#3 Do you want side lights? Clean lines, open spaces, and plenty of natural light are foundations of a modern home style. All of this natural light can’t come from the windows alone. Don’t forget about the option of sidelights! They add visual interest and style. Particularly for homes that have a contemporary or modern feel, this is a fantastic option. After all, you live in Miami and you want to see the sunshine!

#4 Carefully select the hardware. Your entry door is more than just the door itself; it also includes the hardware. If your house is super modern, your hardware should be some tone of silver, like nickel. If your house is contemporary, you might go with brushed steel, because it’s very slick and cool. If your home is traditional or transitional, you may prefer a darker color.

Choose an Entry Door From Bellini Mastercraft

Your entryway is the focal point of your home, and a great entry door can welcome guests and add instant curb appeal. It’s important to choose an entry door that matches your home’s style. Don’t forget, the front entry door reflects a homeowner’s personality. You’re going to want to follow these tips for getting the look just right. Don’t forget, our experts are here to help!

We can help you select the perfect front door, as well as the hardware to go along with it. The creativity of the design of each of our entry doors exudes strength, beauty, safety, and functionality. You won’t find top-tier, handcrafted choices like this anywhere else!